Clock enclosure
My plan was to attach the enclosure to the clock, using the M3 screw holes from one of the Sizable7 modules. Using Fusion 360, I designed a simple case to hold the electronics. I used threaded inserts to attach the lid.
Clock with components inside
To route the wires in a more neatly way I also designed small holders
Cable holder

Power distribution

Junction box
To distribute power to the Sizable7 modules, I created a small junction box. Every connecter IN and OUT are connected to this +5V/GND.
Junction box Junction box

Final looks

Finally the backside looks like this:

Clock backside

I paid special attention to the clock foot. This is an aluminum bar and it adds some wait to the clock which makes it quite stable. I had to sand the bar down until most scratches and dents were gone. Then I used some Scotch-brite to give it a nice brushed look. For this I used a straight edge as a guide to make exact consistant movements. The result looks quite good.

Clock foot